Summer School Venue

The XXV Summer School "Francesco Turco" will be held in the Seminario Vescovile Giovanni XXIII, in the heart of Città alta, the Bergamo upper town. The School will take place in the seminary Auditorium (plenary sessions) and classrooms (scientific sessions).



The first seminary was established in 1567 at the behest of Bishop Federico Corner, in order to offer vocational care to candidates for the presbyterate, providing cultural (mainly philosophy and theology), spiritual, human and apostolic or pastoral preparation. It was first located in Via del Gombito and welcomed around 25 students per year. The increasing number of vocations and young students already at the end of the 19th century made the structure of the seminary insufficient.

The new seminary was built by incorporating many parts of the city between the alley Church of San Salvatore, Via Arena and part of the “Cittadella” built by the Visconti family in the 14th century. The new seminary, rebuilt and much expanded, was named after Papa Roncalli, who followed his vocational studies path and then became a professor there. The seminary building, after the renovation of the 20th century, is developed on eight levels joined by two annular galleries.

The life-size statue of “Papa Giovanni XXIII” blessing, made in 1966 by Stefano Ferrari, is placed above the main entrance of the institute. The complex is divided into two sections: one dedicated to teaching with the classrooms of the gymnasium and high school, the preparatory and theology classrooms, and the library on the opposite side. The second section includes the refectories, the auditorium, the kitchens, and the church.